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//  Origin:  Gwangju, South Korea
//  Number of Plantations:  3
//  Years Active:  60
//  Certificates:  ISO22000, Halal, Health
//  Awards:  Korean Food Grand Master


Hankook Tea directly manages the operations and productions of Honam Tea Estate, creating a taste of integrity within each steep.

The locations for our Honam Tea Estate have been carefully chosen for their ideal localities for producing the best teas grown in Korea. Before planting, each location had been examined for ideal temperatures, abundant rainfall, rich soil conditions and natural beauty.

To ensure taste consistency in our teas, year after year, the tea estates are strategically distanced from each other throughout the province of Jeolla-namdo.

Upholding strict standards, Honam Tea Estate uses eco-friendly agricultural methods that are harmonious with its surrounding environment. Each tender leaf is allowed to grow at its natural pace, free from pesticides.
In the past 60 years, the art of drinking water has been cultivated to graceful perfection.
The pristine essence of our heirloom teas has been preserved as each leaf is meticulously nurtured and harvested with patient determination and expertise.
With our stringent standards and dedication, we have continued our rich heritage and defined the modern history of exceptional teas.
Hankook Tea, over the last 60 years, has learned to delight in the refined arts of friendship and shared tea.Planting a tea culture in everyday lives, capturing the passion and spirit of aficionados.



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